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By MW184 (***) [gb] Date 07.02.08 13:06 GMT

Do any of you manage to buy Frontline or Stronghold flea treatments without a prescription?


By STARRYEYES (****) [gb] Date 07.02.08 13:17 GMT
strong hold need a prescription frontline drops I think the spray still needs a prescription.
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By zarah (***) [gb] Date 07.02.08 13:25 GMT
Yes, the Frontline spot-on is no longer prescription. The cheapest I could find (and with free p&p) is
By Bodhi (*) [gb] Date 07.02.08 13:45 GMT Edited 07.02.08 13:48 GMT
I have been buying Frontline spot-on (cat and dog) from this company for over a year.I also use them for one of my cat's prescription diet as it's a few pounds less expensive.
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By ClaireyS (****) [gb] Date 07.02.08 14:18 GMT
I use VetUK, have found them to be the cheapest for frontline and drontal.
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By MW184 (***) [gb] Date 07.02.08 15:42 GMT
thanks very much everyone

By Jolene (**) [gb] Date 07.02.08 16:58 GMT
I found that "Advocate" which does need a prescription, was luckily the same price with the Vet as the online stores, thank goodness LOL
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By Moonmaiden (****) [gb] Date 07.02.08 17:13 GMT
Don't forget that Advocate contains an Invermectin derivative & should not be used on herding breeds that haven't been  MDR 1 tested
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By tazman [gb] Date 08.02.08 16:19 GMT
Hi i read this post with much interest i have found has frontline cheaper than vetuk although drontal is the same price. I get my dogs easeflex from them and got a discount with my first order and free delivery which was cool and you do have to always watch the pounds you spend on our lovely pets. I have aslo ordered food from them which was delivered the next day by buisness post.
By LindaMorgan (**) [gb] Date 09.02.08 00:24 GMT
I have always used petmeds, will check the other sites now
hope 2009 is better than 2008
By LindaMorgan (**) [gb] Date 09.02.08 00:29 GMT
just checked and the frontline is cheaper on petmeds than on medic animal
hope 2009 is better than 2008
By gwen (***) [gb] Date 09.02.08 09:42 GMT
I use Stronghold, not Frontline, and the difference between the online stores and my Vet is minimal, so not worth going ot the hassle of getting the prescription and doing mail order.  However, reading an American Groomin equip catalogue I noticed they now have Frontline in 2 different options - a 3 months and a 6 month dose, don't htink I have seen this here yet.  Was surprised to see the Advantage was cheaper, had always assumed it was more.

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