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By LJS (****) [gb] Date 28.02.08 12:36 GMT
Having BB problems !

Does anybody know of any nice dog friendly walks in or around the Wigan area ?


By KateM (**) [gb] Date 28.02.08 13:22 GMT

There are areas such as The Beacon Country Park, Three Sisters Park, Pennington Flash, Carr Mill Reservoir (which is between Wigan and St Helens).  There is also the grounds around Haigh Hall and quite a few parks

By AlisonGold (***) [gb] Date 28.02.08 14:03 GMT
Haigh Hall is brilliant. You have all the woods with really good paths through them, fields and the canal all on one walk.
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By gsdsrock [gb] Date 28.02.08 15:19 GMT
Haigh hall is good ,but have to watch the ponds if yours like the water! Also there is walks by Aspull rugby club
By morganalfie (**) [gb] Date 28.02.08 16:06 GMT
There is also wigan canal, which can take you for miles. Haigh Hall is really nice as well. The Beacon is a really good area for walking. Also rivington pike. Which is only 20 mins away. You can either walk round the resevoir, up to the pike or round the chinese gardens or all 3 lol
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By kayc (****) [gb] Date 28.02.08 18:35 GMT
This site might be off interest to you Lucy... and anyone else :-)
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