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By ginastarr (***) [gb] Date 22.04.09 11:17 GMT
Hi All
is anyone here a member of the pro plan breeders scheme i am trying to find a bit of information , what is included puppy packs etc ,
just recieved a standard email giving me a phone number that does not work , so any information greatly appreciated

many thanks
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By carolyn (***) [gb] Date 22.04.09 11:26 GMT Edited 22.04.09 11:33 GMT
Im a member.
We get a 3kg bag for each puppy,plastic cup,an envelope for the new owners with leaflets and a 2.50 off voucher.
Depending on the size of the litter and the breed you also get either a 7.5 kg bag or a 15kg bag to wean the pups on.

Ive had a letter come today to say they are going to change it slightly on how to order pack and giving new owners details.

The contact number on the letter is 0800 028 7711
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By tooolz (****) [gb] Date 22.04.09 11:48 GMT
Just recieved a notification from Royal Canin to inform me that they will be providing vouchers for food but not the 3kg food bags. 
By toffeecrisp (**) [gb] Date 23.04.09 03:54 GMT
Im a member of purina breeder club. They send you quite a lot of stuff, pedigrees, new owner forms so that the new owners get food and vouchers, dog owners handbook, weaning food for your pups.
We had a look at Royal Cannin, but they dont do the puppy packs anymore.
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