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By AiredaleKate (*) [nl] Date 23.04.10 09:34 GMT

Has anyone got a copy of a risk assesment for a dog show which they would be willing to let me look at, or point me in the direction of where I could find more info on this?
By Cava14Una (***) [gb] Date 23.04.10 20:21 GMT
Are they not on KC site?? Friend has done them for our HTM show for past 3 years will see if she's willing to let you see them
Anne in Scotland with Beardies and 2 blooming cheeky black and white cats
By K5Kees (**) [gb] Date 24.04.10 08:06 GMT
There are some on the KC site if you search for them. Not one for breed shows etc, but I just took the obedience show one and adapted it to our venue.

By AiredaleKate (*) [de] Date 26.04.10 08:37 GMT
Thanks both of you, will go searching on the KC website.
By Nova (****) [gb] Date 26.04.10 12:16 GMT
Hi, I do risk assesment for both the shows we stage, one is a formal one for the venue and they supply the forms they wish completed, which venue is it I may well be able to help.
Jackie H
By AiredaleKate (*) [de] Date 26.04.10 15:24 GMT
It isn't a venue which holds many shows at all.  They have just come out of being under council control so have more freedom to use the venue for such things as dog shows.  They have asked me to provide one, plus at our last show at a different venue a KC field officer came along (my first show as secretary) and her recommendation was that we completed a risk assessment which we had never previously done.
By Nova (****) [gb] Date 26.04.10 17:13 GMT
Well the basic idea is to visit the venue and list any problems you can think of and then add those that apply at any venue like dog bite, trip or fall injury etc. then jot down what it is you are already doing to deal with this problem and what else you think you should do.

When I get a moment I will PM my e-mail address to you and then if you contact me I can send you copies of the sort of thing I do and give you a few ideas.
Jackie H
By AiredaleKate (*) [de] Date 27.04.10 07:38 GMT
That would be lovely, thanks for your help.

K x
By Nova (****) [gb] Date 27.04.10 10:36 GMT
Hi Kate, have prepared some notes for you and sent a message with my e-mail, if you let me have yours I will let you have the notes as I do not think they are of enough interest to put on the forum.
Jackie H
By Harley (***) [gb] Date 27.04.10 18:00 GMT
I know Trevor on here organises a show each year - perhaps you could PM her to see if she can help?
By Nova (****) [gb] Date 27.04.10 20:34 GMT
I have the notes prepared and if Kate sends me a private message with her e-mail I will let her have them however if Trevor has contact with her already it may be preferred.
Jackie H
By Nova (****) [gb] Date 28.04.10 09:45 GMT
Have e-mails my notes to you, hope it helps. :-)
Jackie H
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