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By tracynolan Date 29.02.12 19:31 GMT
Hi i am looking for a new member to our family.I have always had staffs but normally i have got them from friends or people who dont want them anymore.This time i would like  to get one from a breeder.I have three children and the youngest is 12 and i also have cats,the dog will be spoilt rotten if any one can help please let me know thankyou
By Dill (****) [gb] Date 29.02.12 20:23 GMT
If you want one from a breeder then you're going to have to be very choosy, so many are being bred by breeders that just want the money and don't care about health testing, temperament and construction, but then they aren't the ones paying the vets bills if the pups get sick or need surgery  :-(

A good way to find a good breeder is to contact the breed clubs, you will also be able to ask or read on their websites about health testing that the parents should have certificates for.   Be patient and be prepared to wait for a well bred pup, it'll be worth it in the end :-D
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By Stooge (***) [gb] Date 29.02.12 20:41 GMT
More advise on how to search here.
Good luck :-) 
By lel (****) [gb] Date 03.03.12 20:53 GMT
Hi Tracy
Please also ensure the parents have been dna tested clear of L2 Hga and Hc and that they are unaffected for PHPV. Good luck in your search
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