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By Dexy (*) [gb] Date 25.05.04 08:43 GMT
My boss has been told by one of our clients to give her dogs bicarbonate soda in their drinking water and it will stop them making the grass burn/die with their urine.

She doesn't want to give them it if it will affect their health, so shes asked me to put this post out to see what the "Champ Dog" people think. Any advice welcome please.

By Isabel (****) [gb] Date 25.05.04 09:27 GMT
The concept of adding something to a dogs diet to prevent grass burn is based around altering the acidity of the urine, I have no idea whether Bicarb would achieve this, however by altering the acidity you run the risk of the dog developing kidney or bladder stones, a very painful condition, that would require expensive surgery so all in all it is better to either attempt to apply water to the lawn wherever the dog pees or just put up with the patches.
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By SharonM (***) [gb] Date 25.05.04 10:09 GMT
I have been told by a very reliable source to add a small amount of bicarb to my girls water to reduce the acid balance in her wee, as she is suffering from cystitis at the moment...........poor baby!  I don't think too much would do them any good :-(
Life is too short to worry about muddy pawprints.....
By tohme (****) [gb] Date 25.05.04 10:07 GMT
ASk yourself, would you want to drink water that had bicarbonate of soda in it.  Your response will no doubt give you the correct answer to your question.
By digger (***) [gb] Date 25.05.04 11:26 GMT
Another 'cure' that's often suggested is actually to add an acid to the dogs food - last time I was at school bicarb was an alkaline....
By Isabel (****) [gb] Date 25.05.04 11:30 GMT
Yes it is an alkaline but adding it will alter the acidity from the dogs norm :-)
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By nursey (***) [gb] Date 25.05.04 17:32 GMT
Hi Lee, I wouldn't do it. The water will taste salty, and the dog will most likely vomit if it will drink the water at all. Just sluice the piddly area with lots of water afterwards, or do like I did, and give up lawn in favour of paving.

Dawn R.
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