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By Vinnie [gb] Date 28.07.06 11:54 GMT

I'm thinking about booking a room in a Travel Lodge - when I ring I get an automated service mad and there doesn't seem to be any details on the website re pets. Am I right in thinking that all Travel Lodges are dog friendly?


By Vinnie [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:08 GMT
:rolleyes: Sorry, just ignore me - just had another look at the website and found that you can take up to 2 dogs with you cool
By AlisonGold (***) [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:20 GMT
Hi Vinnie

If you go to the question and answers it tells you that you are allowed two domestic pets, however you pay 10 per pet.  Once you book the room you inform them that you are bringing your pets and they charge you when you arrive.

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By mygirl (***) [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:48 GMT
Or alternatively leave your dogs in the van/car book in wait for a shift change and voila.

i didnt say that shhhh eek
By DORA [gb] Date 28.07.06 12:52 GMT
Or you can try a Holiday inn that don't charge for dogs and you get breakfast includedcool just check on the website as not all of them allow dogs.

By tohme (****) [gb] Date 28.07.06 15:03 GMT
Travelodges take dogs but there is an official charge of 10 per pet and no more than 2 pets in a room.

However it often depends if the hotel receptionist is dog friendly ;-) and of course if you have several of the same breed and go back and forth individually most do not notice............... ;-)

Premier Travel Inns do not allow dogs, but Novotels do, again at 10 per dog (officially)............
By AlisonGold (***) [gb] Date 28.07.06 15:22 GMT
The one thing about travel lodge is that if you book early you can often get a supersaver rate at 15 a room or saver room at 26 a room, so together with the 20 (for 2 pets) then 35 isn't a bad price for 2 people and 2 dogs .
The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.
By michelled (****) [gb] Date 28.07.06 15:38 GMT
we always book in WITHOUT the dogs,& mention we have dogs,sometimes we are charged,sometimes not,sometimes full price, sometimes less.all good!
me & my friend went away doing dog shows at easter,stayed in two different travelodges for two nites at each. at the first one we were charged 10 between us (different rooms!) she had 1 dog,i had two, & at the next one although we "mentioned" the dogs twice we never got charged!!!
i think it helps if you pay for the rooms on-line & not when you arrive!
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By Fillis (***) [gb] Date 28.07.06 15:46 GMT
See if you can find an Ibis hotel (there arent a lot) - they dont charge for dogs.
By Moonmaiden (****) [gb] Date 28.07.06 15:59 GMT
Hotel Campanile are a french chain with hotels in the Uk & they do not charge for dogs. Abroad they allow dogs in the bars & restaurants I shared many a meal with show dogs in Amsterdamm that were entered at the All Winners

They are not bad hotels either
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By JaneG [gb] Date 29.07.06 03:53 GMT
The 10 per dog is per stay, so if you stay more than one night it's still only 10. Also they can only charge 20 max but have always let me take all 4 dogs in. I stayed in the Travelodge at Aberdeen last weekend - me, my brother, two neices, 4 dogs - all in the same room at the supersaver rate for 2 nights - verrry good value :D
By Rosemarie (**) [gb] Date 29.07.06 20:35 GMT
We stayed at a Travelodge in Liverpool a couple of months ago and they charged 5 for Molly.  However, the hotel was absolutely and unbearably hot, it was like sleeping in a furnace.  We had to put the dog in the shower every couple of hours throughout the night, and I had to wrap myself in a wet towel to try and get some sleep.  I wrote to complain but haven't heard anything back.  This was before the current heatwave as well - I certainly wouldn't recommend it, I've never been so uncomfortable in my life.
By LucyD (***) [gb] Date 30.07.06 19:11 GMT
I've stayed in one Travelodge that was hot and stuffy like that, to the point I was worried Henry was becoming distressed in the heat. But most of them have been fine - last time we went, I rang up as instructed to notify them about the dog, but in spite of walking in and out with him a dozen times, nobody asked me for the 10, so I didn't offer it! :-D

I remember once we stayed at one before a club show, and everyone was paying for one dog, then sneaking in the other 3 or 4 through the ground floor windows! eek
By JaneG [gb] Date 31.07.06 03:51 GMT
LOL...Lucy....the ones for crufts are always like that, I've seen salukis, terriers and even a wolfhound lifted through the windows! I noticed the last one I stayed at though they had wires on the windows so you couldn't open them more than a few inches :rolleyes:
By The dachsie lad (**) [gb] Date 30.07.06 18:51 GMT
We have stayed at the Ibis in South Coventry - absolutely great, reasonable and indeed do not charge.
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